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Refugee Cosponsorship

Our world is facing the largest refugee crisis since World War II with over 60 million people worldwide who are currently displaced due to conflict and persecution. We are commanded to, “love the Stranger,” this phrase appears 36 times in the Torah, repeating over and over the importance of caring for those who are destitute and disenfranchised. Our congregation partnered with RefugeeOne to help welcome two refugee families that resettled in the Chicago area in December 2018.

Interested in participating in this project?

For more information or to discuss further, please contact board member, Rachel White.

Update on Rohingya Sponsorship

Sukkat Shalom welcomed two Rohingya families, the Tazollahs and Dil Mohammads, from Myanmar in December 2018, as part of the Refugee One program. Congregant Janet Pierce-Ritter has continued a friendship with the Tazollah family. She is happy to share that both families are doing well and continue to thrive as they adjust to life in Chicago – as you can see in the below photos! Both families have applied for U.S. citizenship.

The Tazollah family, at the
Lincolnwood Festival this July, (left to right) father Abdul, daughter Nashua (4 yrs.), mother Bibi, and son Thariq (8 yrs.).  

Thariq and Nashua enjoying a summer trip for ice cream with Sukkat Shalom member Janet Pierce-Ritter.


Thariq and Nashua Tazollah wearing their traditional clothing.
Bibi, Thariq, and Abdul (left to right) celebrating the purchase of their condominium in Rogers Park this November 2022.
Dil Mohammad family siblings (left to right) Sohana (2 yrs born in the US.), Nur Kamal (8 yrs.), and Rosanah (9 yrs.) (father Shanbi and mother Romenah not pictured).
Bibi Tazollah's brother Abutalh, his wife, and their daughter, arrived in Chicago this April and her sister, Zaheda, her husband, and their two children, arrived in October. Both families were also granted refugee status and now live in Rogers Park as well.
Sun, October 1 2023 16 Tishrei 5784