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Zooming to Family School During the Pandemic

01/12/2021 11:42:19 AM


Olivia Chiss

Almost every other Sunday from September to May we dash out the door trying to make it to Family School by 10 a.m. -- grabbing our name tags, parents getting their coffee, and seeing all the smiling faces. Because of COVID, however, this Family School year looks a lot different. 

Now we sit in the Zoom waiting room instead of outside the auditorium, wear our PJ's instead of putting on regular clothes, and sit on our couch instead of the theater seats.  I also miss one of my favorite parts -- getting snacks in class. YUM! 

While being on Zoom is a lot different,  I feel like all the Family School teachers have been very engaged during our time together and have worked to make it more fun -- because it can be so hard to sit in front of your Zoom screen for 90 minutes. 

One of the best parts of Family School is being live in the classroom, playing games while we learn.  And even though that part is harder to do on Zoom, the teachers have come up with creative ideas -- like building our own sukkahs out of supplies we find in our house. (Mine was made of graham crackers and peanut butter, which my dog tried to eat!)

I also really miss hearing the whole community singing along with Kenny and sometimes Alan.  So I thought it was really awesome when Nefesh Mountain came to Family School a few weeks ago.  It’s amazing when Sukkat Shalom can get speakers and bands to join us and come perform, even on Zoom, because it makes it way more interesting and fun.

While there have been some highs and lows of this quarantine and how it’s changed our lives, I look forward to getting back to in-person Family School -- and even Hebrew school -- at Sukkat Shalom!

Sun, October 1 2023 16 Tishrei 5784