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President’s Message

11/03/2021 09:41:14 AM


Lisa Fingerhut Carlton







I’ve been reading a lot about leadership lately. While scrolling through
social media, I serendipitously came across Lessons in Leadership: Insights on Leadership Throughout the Weekly Torah Portions by Rabbi Jonathan Sacks (of blessed memory). This book has become my “dot-connector” to everything I’ve been reading on the subject.

While far from a biblical scholar, I’m intrigued by “real world” applications
of Jewish thought. So, when I got to the chapter called “The Leader as Teacher,” I recognized where we are right now in the lifecycle of Sukkat Shalom.

In the first chapter of Deuteronomy, Moses has led the Jewish people
out of Egypt but isn’t going to be the one to take them to the promised
land. He pivots from leader to teacher, sets up Joshua to be his successor, and, in a series of addresses, gives the Jewish people their roadmap to pay forward for generations.

I couldn’t help connecting this story with our own community of families,
created from Rabbi Gordon’s and the founders’ vision; a foundation built through his leadership of 25 years that will serve us beyond his retirement and into our future.

As you will read elsewhere in this newsletter, we are well on our way in our senior rabbi search. Our foundational strength is evident through the eyes
of the applicants. Rabbi Gordon -- along with our past presidents, board
and committee members, social action volunteers, past and present clergy
and staff, and every single congregant -- has set us up for success. We are well respected for our mission and values, commitment to equity and inclusion, and forward-thinking approach to everything we do.

I want to underscore the extraordinary pride all of us take in representing Sukkat Shalom. You have our commitment that we will leave no stone unturned to assure that the roadmap Rabbi Gordon has created with us will be paid forward for future generations of our congregation.

We are setting out on a special year and our recent High Holy Day experience reflected that. We embraced Rabbi Gordon’s inspiring reflections, Carlie’s thoughtful words, Kenny’s stirring music, and, most importantly,
their commitment to bringing our community together during difficult
times. We accommodated a wide range of preferences: safely worshipping
in our wonderful sanctuary; from our homes through our new, live-streaming infrastructure; and in outdoor worship at the beautiful Gillson Park amphitheater.

Many thanks to Andy Schultz and Seth Zimmerman for managing the most logistically complex holidays ever. And many thanks to you for your High Holy Day contributions, which help us to offset these expenses. Your gifts enable us to keep our congregation fiscally strong through these challenging times. Please consider giving if you have not yet done so.

It is an incredible privilege to serve as President during this exciting new chapter of our story. Our Transition and Search Committee chairs and I are always available, should you have any thoughts or questions.

Shana Tovah, and may we all have a healthy, sweet, and fulfilling year.

Sun, October 1 2023 16 Tishrei 5784