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About Congregation Sukkat Shalom

Sukkat Shalom is a unique and innovative congregation serving a diverse group of individuals and families within an intimate spiritual home. Our specific mission is outreach to the intermarried, the unaffiliated, and all those searching for a meaningful Jewish life.

As a community open to new ideas, Sukkat Shalom welcomes all who are seeking creative models for Jewish life. Sukkat Shalom challenges many of the assumptions made by the traditional synagogue model. From worship to education, Sukkat Shalom experiments and innovates.

We have established a full program of innovative family education, meaningful and creative worship, adult discussion and study, interfaith couple support groups, and holiday observances.

Sukkat Shalom is a progressive congregation in which to explore Jewish thought and search for personal meaning freed from the confines of a strict ideological definition of Judaism. A great strength of Sukkat Shalom is our openness to the diversity of our members’ personal lives.

Jewish education similarly demands a dramatic change in design. Sukkat Shalom has developed an educational curriculum with the primary goal of teaching Judaism as a family process. Parents and children attend each session together in order to support and nurture the spiritual identities of all participants. Parents are empowered to be the key agents for transmitting Jewish values and traditions to their children.

Dedicated to a critical examination of old assumptions, the congregation has abandoned the traditional fixed membership dues system. We recognize that individuals and families vary in their ability to support the congregation’s fiscal needs. Therefore, Sukkat Shalom relies on the voluntary financial contributions and generosity of its members.

We invite you to join us in this exciting and dynamic community!

The Members of Congregation Sukkat Shalom

Mon, May 20 2024 12 Iyar 5784