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Hebrew Program

The Sukkat Shalom Hebrew program aims to engage students in the experience of Jewish prayer and ritual and enable them to practice Hebrew in a casual, warm, and supportive community so that they grow to cherish Hebrew, the language of the Jewish people, and develop a deep personal connection to Jewish tradition and community.

Hebrew learning happens in many different ways at Sukkat Shalom. We offer small group student classes and a one-on-one tutoring option. If you are moving toward having your child (who will be entering 5th grade in the fall) become a B'nai Mitzvah at Congregation Sukkat Shalom they need to be enrolled in one of our Hebrew offerings and Family School. Hebrew is open to all our 5th - 7th grade students.

Teaching Approach

The #OnwardHebrew approach focuses on the sound to print methodology; the concept that language is learned most naturally built from sound (what one hears) to print (what one reads). The goal is to increase the amount of Hebrew that our students hear during Family School and Hebrew school before we expect them to learn to read and then to continue that sound-rich environment in class. So what will this look like in practice?

1. T'filah (Prayer): Built upon our culture of t’filah, prayer, at Family School which creates a wonderful sound-rich environment for our families. T’filah is also a regular part of our Thursday afternoon Hebrew experience.

2. Jewish Life Vocabulary: Family School and Hebrew School families and students are exposed to Hebrew words or phrases that increase one's connection to the Jewish people, traditions, culture, and life.

3. Hebrew Through Movement: A method where students run, jump, spin, and point their way to learning basic vocabulary used in rituals, blessings, and prayers. Our 5th grade Hebrew students will engage in Hebrew Through Movement in both Family School and Hebrew school.

4. Hebrew Reading/Decoding: Students will learn and practice reading and decoding in a sound rich Hebrew environment, using prayers and words they already know to help them learn to read Hebrew.

Hebrew School Dates 2022-2023

Hebrew Tutoring Dates 2022-2023 to come

Small Group Class Option

The Hebrew class is a great option for your child to practice Hebrew in community, and continue to build relationships with their classmates from Family School. The class meets 3 Thursdays a month.

Tutoring Option

The tutoring option is an excellent opportunity to work one-on-one with our Hebrew tutor which enables students to work at their own pace and schedule. Private tutoring occurs 3 times a month, 30 minutes per session, Monday-Thursday 3:30-6:30 (times will vary according to the tutor’s schedule), at a time that works for the student and tutor.

Mon, March 27 2023 5 Nisan 5783