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Create a Jewish Legacy

As my ancestors planted before me, so do I plant for my children.” -- Talmud

A legacy gift can help ensure the future of Sukkat Shalom with donations assigned through your will, retirement account, donor-advised fund, life insurance policy, or another giving vehicle. Simply sign a Declaration of Intent that is a promise of future giving only, and anyone can participate with gifts of any size.

Your gift will assure the beauty of Sukkat Shalom's sanctuary and building; it will sustain a house of worship that is a welcoming shelter of peace; and continue to foster a warm and vibrant Jewish community and supportive haven for interfaith families.

We hope Sukkat Shalom has touched your life and the lives of your family and loved ones. May we share information with you and discuss how to create your own Jewish legacy?

Ask your financial advisors for details, and if you would like information on how to include Sukkat Shalom in your estate planning, please contact Andrew Schultz, Executive Director, 847.251.2675; 

Special Charitable Giving

There are a number of different methods you may use to support the work and values of our shared community. We invite you to consider the following donation options:

-- Donating appreciated securities
-- Through donor-advised charitable giving funds
-- From an IRA with a Qualified Charitable Distribution
-- By creating a Jewish Legacy 

Contributions toward membership, capital giving, High Holy Days, and end-of-year giving assure that Sukkat Shalom can sustain a community of worship and Jewish experience as a welcoming "shelter of peace" into the future.

AND PLEASE REMEMBER-- Many companies will support your giving to Sukkat Shalom with matching fund donations. Ask your firm's benefits department about the process. Thank you!

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Donating Appreciated Securities

Making contributions to Sukkat Shalom by converting stock or other securities is easy. 

Step 1: Send an email to Andy at explaining what you want to do, the name of the stock or security you'll be converting, and the number of shares, if applicable.

Step 2: Have your brokerage house send the securities to Mesirow Financial, Inc. DTC#0226; F/B/O NFS Account# WMP001867. If possible, please have the submission include your name attached, and also notify the temple of the impending donation so we may credit it to your account.

Thank you!

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Donor-Advised Funds

You can set up your own donor-advised fund through your brokerage house or a charitable giving trust as an easy and tax-efficient method for charitable giving. You simply make tax-deductible donations of cash, stock or other assets, then view the fund as a "charitable investment account." The investments grow over time and you can tap the fund now or in the future for your Sukkat Shalom contributions. Ask your financial advisor for details. 

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Qualified Charitable Distributions from Retirement Accounts

If you are age 70½ or older, IRS rules require you to take required minimum distributions each year from your tax-deferred retirement accounts. This additional taxable income may push you into a higher tax bracket and may also reduce your eligibility for certain tax credits and deductions. Qualified charitable distributions (QCD) can eliminate or reduce the impact of this income through charitable giving to Sukkat Shalom. Ask your financial advisors for details. To read an article on this topic, please click here.

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Sukkat Shalom Rabbinic Chair to Honor Rabbi Samuel N. Gordon

The Sukkat Shalom Rabbinic Chair honors Rabbi Gordon’s extraordinary leadership as the founding and senior rabbi of the congregation.

Your support maintains his legacy and ensures the continued strength of the congregation into the future. This fund will be a restricted endowment dedicated to rabbinic compensation of successor senior spiritual leaders.

Your contribution also helps sustain Sukkat Shalom as an open faith community, welcoming to all to participate in worship, education and social justice.

We also encourage giving from Donor-Advised Funds, appreciated securities, Required Minimum Distributions from retirement funds and planned giving from estates. For questions and more information on tax-advantaged giving, please contact Scott Nelson,; 847-251-2675.

To donate, please click here

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